The Energetic Goat
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"Carrie has done a great job explaining both in print and in photo how to work with muscle testing and reflex assessment in goats to help determine their nutritional and health care needs. Her book gifts herd owners with these easy to use, wonderful aids for their tool belt in alternative wellness assessment enabling the reader to have more control over the overall health of their herd."

Katherine A. Drovdahl MH CR CA DipHIR CEIT QTP  
Author of “The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal” and CEO of Fir Meadow LLC
"What a little gem of a book Carrie has written. “The Energetic Goat“
is a practical manual that introduces the reader to the new frontier of vibrational medicine and energy diagnosis. It outlines a step by step methodology that allows anyone to tap into "the field", the universal database of consciousness that holds the answers to all of our questions. The cosmic cloud, if you will, also known in quantum physical circles as the Zero Point Field, and in spiritual circles, for those who dare to go there, as Carrie does, as God-energy. 
Carrie has laced her book with humor and her own observations on natural healthcare for goats based on her years of experience in the field. I was delighted with this book. It’s a valuable resource not only for goat owners who want to access answers but for anyone interested in connecting with the most incredible database ever known, the Universal Mind.
Thank you, Carrie. Well done."

Donna M. Starita, DVibM, DVM

Holistic practitioners have been using reflexology, muscle testing, and dowsing to improve human health for centuries. For lifelong alternative medicine practitioner Carrie Eastman, applying these methods to her goat herd was just common sense. All living things, are made up of electrical energy. Learn how to harness this energy to work with your goats in a way that is convenient, inexpensive, and safe for your herd. 

Eastman provides step-by-step instruction on the basic techniques, including common variations, as well as guidance on how to adapt other techniques to suit your personal preferences. Newcomers to alternative veterinary medicine will find the many photographs, diagrams, and sample case histories particularly useful, while veteran practitioners will discover new tricks and techniques to add their repertoire, from the never-before-in-print human reflex point chart (used for surrogate testing) and the cross-reference chart of common goat health problems and popular remedies. 

Eastman also includes a timeline for transitioning your animals from conventional to holistic herd management, including tips on minerals, nutrition, and dealing with parasites.

If you’re ready to see your herd thrive without the use of harmful chemicals, just keep an open mind, examine the success stories of the techniques, and explore how these tests can be used to improve your own herd, right now, with whatever philosophy you follow.

"An entertainingly written and encouraging book on how to manage goats humanely and holistically. Both new and experienced "goat folks" will find ideas and and tools to improve their animals' lives in these pages."  

Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM Internationally known integrative veterinary care educator and practitioner 

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